A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse … and

Final Venus Transit



By Richard C. Hoagland
© 2012 The Enterprise Mission




On Sunday, May 20, 2012, the first annular solar eclipse visible in the continental United States for 18 years -- after crossing the entire Pacific Ocean, and then, the North American coastline at the Oregon/California boundary -- ends at sunset in the “Great American Southwest” … just east of Lubbock, Texas.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – home of The Enterprise Mission -- will be exactly in line with the eclipse path of “maximum annularity” (image – above) – allowing an unprecedented opportunity for both spectacular visual observations, as well as a unique “field test” of its long-controversial “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Physics” Model – first televised nationally in November, 2010, in NBC/SyFy’s “2012: Startling New Secrets.”

Based on decades of theoretical and experimental research, by scores of physicists around the world, and dozens of globally-spanning field tests carried out by The Enterprise Mission itself, on May 20th Enterprise will be testing LIVE for the first time – during this “annular solar eclipse” -- the core concept of the entire “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Model”:

That, geometric alignments -- of ROTATING planetary/stellar objects -- are crucial in creating scientifically observable changes in the underlying “torsion field Physics” … across the entire solar system … and, during solar eclipses, are capable of affecting a wide range of diverse phenomenon across this entire planet – ranging from altering actual “physical constants” … to altering “geophysical and meteorological phenomenon” ... to dramatically affecting biology... and even “consciousness” itself.

The Enterprise Mission plans to televise – via an Internet “livestream” webcast on May 20th (details to be posted shortly here …) – the real-time acquisition of this unprecedented HD/Torsion solar eclipse data. During this dramatic telecast, in addition to the LIVE “Enterprise Accutron measurements” of the eclipse, the much broader technological, sociological and historical implications of these data – from the availability of “free energy,” to the feasibility of “anti-gravity” … to the accumulating evidence that “a Prior, High-Tech Civilization” USED this same HD Physics and Technology thousands of years ago to construct “ancient, sacred sites” around the world -- will also be presented and discussed.


What these eclipse observations mean for a follow-on field-experiment Enterprise is, even now, planning to carry out … just days after the eclipse … in Egypt, at the Pyramids!

To use them as gigantic "torsion amplifiers”–

Measuring the dramatically changing torsion field at Giza -- literally, the "Ancient Center of the World" -- as it is fundamentally affected bythe last (in this Century …) “Venus Transit of the Sun!”

Stay tuned.






A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes directly between Earth and the Sun -- and the Moon’s darkened hemisphere “eclipses” (covers – because of the matching optical diameters – see diagram, below) the much more distant (though 400 times larger!) solar surface … 93 million miles beyond.





This remarkable “coincidence of optical diameters” (above) gives us the extraordinary solar system spectacle of a “total solar eclipse” (below).




An “annular solar eclipse, by striking contrast,” occurs when the Moon is slightly farther from the Earth in its elliptical orbit than it is during a total eclipse (below), and its darkened hemispheric silhouette “doesn’t quite cover the sun …” as seen from Earth.





Resulting in a totally different visual eclipse experience (below) ….





This particular “ring of fire” annular eclipse (May 20, 2012) begins, as previously noted, on the other side of the world … as the Moon’s shadow first encounters the limb of Planet Earth, at local dawn, in southern China.

The track of maximum eclipse (below) then races east northeast along the south China coast, crossing the East China Sea … before darkening the skies over Tokyo -- prior to its heading out, at over ~1500 mph -- across the vast Pacific, towards North America .…




As noted earlier, after crossing the Pacific, the center line of the Moon’s shadow makes continental landfall just south of the border between Oregon and California (below).





At increasing speed (because of the steepening “shadow projection angle” to the setting Sun), the central shadow then crosses famed “Mt. Shasta,” California (at "19.47" PM ...), before racing (in quick succession) over portions of Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico – only ending (at sunset) in west Texas -- as the Moon’s shadow literally lifts off the Earth and into space once more ….

And here is where THIS eclipse gets very interesting ….

The average odds of seeing a solar eclipse (annular or total …) -- if you stay in one place and “wait for one to come to you” -- are about “once every three hundred years.”

Thus, it is most fortunate for Enterprise that this eclipse (May 20, 2012) is coming right to us; the centerline – and maximum time of “annularity” (~4 minutes, 20 seconds) – passes just south of Albuquerque, New Mexico (below), allowing not only a spectacular front-row seat for witnessing (and photographing!) a cosmically-astonishing phenomenon … but placing the rare event directly over our unique—

Enterprise Mission “HD/Torsion-Field acquisition instrumentation!”





So, what is a “Torsion-Field?”

Those of you who have been following our published work at Enterprise for many years, or our recent books, know that we have been investigating the factual basis for “an ancient, previously lost ... and now, rediscovered Physics” for some time; a set of modern theories and experiments which could match both the mathematical geometry we “decoded” as the basis for “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics” -- amid a set of “artificial ruins” on another planet (Mars!) -- as well as the reported scientific and technological capabilities of VERY ancient cultures right here on Earth … appearing now as “mere myths” in “tens of thousands of years old … ancient, sacred texts.”

Our modern search for experimental correlations with these ancient texts began with the “staggeringly anomalous, contemporary physics results” reported by one “Dr. Maurice Allais” in the mid-1950’s ….

In late June, 1954, Prize-winning “amateur” French physicist (and later, a Nobel Laurete in Economics for 1988 …) Maurice Allais (below - left), was managing a specially-designed series of “paraconical pendulum experiments” in his basement physics laboratory in Paris, France; his unique pendulum design (below – right) allowed Allais to explore inertial and gravitational phenomenon not available to the much better known, widely available (but far longer – and thus, with much slower periods) “Foucault Pendulums.”




Because of the “‘round-the-clock” nature of his unique pendulum observations, Allais was assisted by a small staff of laboratory technicians, who would work in shifts. One afternoon, unknown to the technician on duty, at the time quietly conducting routine pendulum experiments in the vibration-free, underground, windowless laboratory that Allias had created for this specific scientific work … a partial solar eclipse took place over “the City of Light” -- June 30, 1954 (below) ….





What that technician (Allais' Laboratory Head, Jacques Bourgeot - below) observed and reported back to Allais as soon as his experimental “run” was over -- regarding the pendulum’s unique rotational behavior during (it was later determined) the actual eclipse -- Allis described in his own experimental notes afterward with just one word—





Allais also used the phrase “a brutal displacement” … to describe the “sudden, extraordinary backwards movement” of the pendulum his laboratory chief had seen (and carefully recorded!), even while not knowing its “mysterious” cause ... until later that same afternoon.

Here (below) is what those “anomalous eclipse motions” in Allias’ pendulum looked like; this graphic, adapted from Scientific American, depicts the mechanical arrangement of Allais’ unique paraconical pendulum (below – left).

The three vertical panels to its right illustrate the pendulum’s “highly anomalous motions” -- recorded during two partial solar eclipses to cross Allais’ Paris laboratory in the 1950’s (the first in 1954, the second in 1959); the phase of each eclipse that corresponded with these “anomalous motions,” is depicted in the last three vertical strips (far right).





Clearly, a “normally swinging pendulum” – suddenly, REVERSING its direction (as the graphic depicts) … and rotating BACKWARDS during the actual eclipse – should have been MAJOR scientific news!

That Allais was able to observe TWO such (partial) solar eclipses – and from the same laboratory – recording strikingly similar behavior during BOTH … is strong indication that such “anomalous pendulum motions” are (somehow) an integral part of the overall “eclipse phenomenon” – hitherto unobserved by all previous astronomers and physicists—

Until … Allais’ unique pendulum experiment, in 1954, “just happened to be underway that June afternoon, when a solar eclipse coincidentally occurred [literally] overhead ….”

Here (below) is one of Allais’ graphs, representing the pendulum’s azimuthal motions (red line) recorded across the duration (vertical green lines – beginning, middle and end) of the 1954 Paris eclipse.

In the beginning, the normal pendulum clockwise angular trend (the downward-sloping white line to the right) – termed the “Foucault Effect” and due to Earth’s rotation – can be seen at left, before the eclipse begins over Paris.

This normal, downward-sloping trend is abruptly REVERSED (red line moving sharply upward) … as the Moon’s disc just “kisses” the right-hand edge of the Sun (“first contact” - top left).

From there, things rapidly got even more bizarre--

As the pendulum’s azimuth motion continues in an accelerating, COUNTER-clockwise direction … for the next 45 minutes; then, after peaking, the pendulum motion REVERSES direction (moving clockwise again …), only to reverse BACK again (counterclockwise!) … briefly [as the Moon reaches “mid-eclipse” (the central green line)] -- before abruptly reversing once more, accelerating again in a CLOCKWISE direction … before eventually “bottoming out” … parallel to the ORIGINAL “Foucault/Earth rotation” downward-sloping trend line!




After his literally YEARS of painstaking acquisition of “thousands of hours of ‘normal’ pendulum behavior,” Allais later wrote—

“... it must be further underscored that, during all continuous observation periods [from 1953 through 1960], no variation of the azimuth curve similar to branch BC -- corresponding to the solar eclipse of June 30, 1954 [above] -- was ever observed [emphasis added] ….”

Subsequently dubbed “the Allais Effect,” and considered as “some type of gravitational anomaly” by those researchers who subsequently tried to replicate Allais’ original eclipse results – overwhelmingly without consistent success! -- Allais himself, describing his stunning eclipse observations in the September, 1959 issue of "Aero/Space Engineering," noted:

“… the current theory of gravitation (being the result of the application, within the current theory of relative motions, of the principles of inertia and universal gravitation to any one of the Galilean spaces) complemented or not by the corrections suggested by the theory of relativity, leads to orders of magnitude [many factors of ten] for lunar and solar action (which are strictly not to be perceived experimentally) of some 100 million times less than the effects noted [during the eclipse] ... [emphasis added].”

In other words, the pendulum motions Allais observed during his two eclipses – 1954 and 1959 -- were physically IMPOSSIBLE … according to all known “textbook physics!”

Allais’ ultimate “physical explanation” for the dramatic and totally anomalous paraconical pendulum behavior he observed, is summed up thus (below):



So, how do Allais’ extraordinary eclipse observations fit into The Enterprise Mission Model of “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field Physics?”

Allais’ eventual (1999) explanation for his pendulum’s erratic eclipse motions was to propose that “empty” space, in fact, has some kind of underlying “structure”… or “strain” – a changing “anisotropy”(in other words, a changing “aether!”) – and, that during a geometric alignment of planetary bodies (the Sun and Moon, during an eclipse …) that underlying, constantly “changing spatial structure” is briefly, physically ALIGNED with the Sun, Moon and Earth—

Resulting in an enhanced “anomalous force” exerted on the swinging pendulum … which temporarily (during the celestial alignment) counteracts all other forces acting on that pendulum for the duration of that astronomical event; this force, present at all times (according to Allais’ results) as “an average of the effects from multiply interacting, constantly moving celestial objects,” especially seeks to bring the plane of the pendulum’s oscillation into co-alignment with the instantaneous Earth/Moon/Sun line during a solar eclipse … when the local “spatial anisotropy” (as measured from Earth) is strongest!

To say that Allais’ ultimate “explanation” for his striking pendulum anomaly was “controversial” would be a “classic” understatement; the overwhelming majority of astronomers and physicists even aware of his experiments in the 1950’s and 60’s, immediately (and trivially) dismissed Allias’ 1954 observations as “obviously an operator error ….”

After the SECOND series of (replicated) “anomalous pendulum observations,” in 1959, the attacks against Allais’ scientific credibility subtly shifted; from “it DIDN’T happen” … to a variety of much more “mundane” explanations, like—

“… the colder air created by the temporary blockage of sunlight from the eclipse track, produced over Allais’ laboratory a ‘wind’ … which blew against the pendulum ‘bob,’ resulting in the sudden changing plane of motion ….”


In an undergroundsealed … laboratory?!

The heart of all good science is “replication.”

By repeating his “anomalous 1954 observations” five years later, during another solar eclipse over Paris (in October, 1959), Allais fulfilled every essence of “good science” – even if the mainstream theoretical community was (and still is!) completely baffled by his remarkable, physically replicable ... meticulously empirical observations.

The overlaid graph (below), containing the paraconical pendulum data from BOTH sets of eclipse observations, proves the elemental point:




While the minute-by-minute details of the two “pendulum azimuth curves” show fascinating (and important) differences (in our analysis, due to the significantly different geometry of the 1959 eclipse – covering only 23.2% of the solar surface, compared to the 62.9% in 1954), the overall shape of the “azimuth response curves” of both events is essentially the same!


How is this related to The Enterprise Mission’s upcoming “real-time” physics measurements of the May 20th “annular solar eclipse?”

It is our conclusion, based on extensive reading of all Allais’ available notes on his unique eclipse results, that his description of “an experimentally provable, anisotropy of space ... caused by moving and aligning planetary bodies” ... and ours -- of “a vorticular, interactive torsion field … linking all rotating and aligning interplanetary objects” (below)--




Are, essentially, the same!

Again, the central premise underpinning all of Science is the theme of "replication"; if the same investigator, carrying out the same experiment a second ... and third time, gets the same results (within small margins of error), this adds to the likelihood of the original phonomenon under investigation being correctly interpretated.

If totally independent researchers pursue a "similar experiment" re the same phenomenon, and also independently derive "similar results," the subject under investigation immediately assumes a much higher degree of "reality" ... rapidly increasing with each such independent replication.

So, it should be gratifying to discover that -- completely independent of Allais's own confirming results eleven years before (his two eclipses) -- in March, 1970, two other scientists observed another remarkably similar "anomalous rotational phenomenon"--

During another solar eclipse!

The occasion was the March 7, 1970 "Eclipse of the Century" (as all the US national media -- including CBS News, whom I was advising at the time -- inevitably hyped it); the black shadow of the Moon racing up the entire East Coast of the United States (below) -- blotting out the Sun for millions of awe-struck "eclipse watchers," from Florida to Cape Cod, dashing past Maine and then across Newfoundland (thereby casually triggring another unforgettable Carly Simon song ...) -- before heading out over the far northern Atlantic Ocean, east of the Canadian Coast.




Unfortunately, totally unknown to me at the time [with my hands already full, coordinating and co-producing our totally unprecedented "CBS News Eclipse Coverage" -- which included design and construction of a literal "flying telescope," to capture and then televise the spectacle to millions of excited viewers living outside the narrow "path of totality," from a "pool" KC-135 jet transport we "borrowed" from the US Air Force specifically for this event; chasing the eclipse shadow -- at ~500 miles per hour ~40,000 feet over Savannah, GA. -- while broadcasting totality (never been done before from ~40,000 feet ...) to all THREE national television networks, LIVE to the ground]--

Another pioneering "torsion eclipse experiment" was quietly, simultaneously, being carried out just outside of Boston ... far to the north of our eclipse chaser "707-type" telescope-carrying jet aircraft.

That non-optical experiment -- one of hundreds previously conducted by industrialist (and physicist) Erwin Saxl, and his scientific colleague, Mildred Allen -- was being carried out this March afternoon just outside the path of totality (eclipse magnitude ~96%). Saxl had spent the previous seventeen years conducting similar "torsion pendulum" experiments -- including, specific observing "runs" made during previous eclipses -- at his own private laboratory (very silimar to Allais), in the basement of his home in the little town of Harvard, Massachusetts, located about 20 miles west of Boston.

Saxl's lab equipment for these long-running "gravitational experiments" consisted of a horizontally rotating weight -- termed a "torsion pendulum" (as opposed to the vertically mounted "paraconical" pendulums of Allias) -- which, instead of swinging "to and fro," rotated horizontally "left, then right" ... on a fine, pre-stressed, vertically suspended, specially-made ("Ni-span C") steel wire ... during each run of Saxl's rotational experiment.

The concept behind Saxl's device was simple:

The full period of "one clockwise/counter-clockwise partial rotation" of the vertically-suspended weight (below) -- through a small angle -- was optically measured from the pendulum's initial release point; the subsequent "left/right" rotational motion of the "bob" -- driven by the weight of the bob and the "twisting tension" in the wire from which the massive bob was hung -- determined the length of time (the "period") of one "torsion measurement" [an overall schematic, from his original patent, of Saxl's massive machine (to eliminate unwanted vibrations) is illustrated below].


Saxl's torsion pendulum readings (below) -- taken before, during and after the actual March 7 eclipse -- are most revealing; as he and Allen later reported, in "1970 Solar Eclipse as 'Seen' by a Torsion Pendulum," published in the February 15, 1971 issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal, "Physical Review D":

"... Significant variations in the recorded times [of one "left/right" oscillation] were observed during the course of the eclipse, as is shown by the full [red] line in Figure 1. Each point in this figure is the result of five consecutive [electrically] grounded readings. The limited vertical lines indicate the average deviations of the five readings from the averaged circled values. The beginning of the eclipse at 12:31 p.m., its mid-point at 1:40 p.m. and its end at 2:58 p.m. are also indicated [by the three vertical yellow lines, marked "a" ... "b" ... and "c"] on the graph. It is to be noted that these observed time intervals [of pendulum bob partial rotations/oscillations] level off at about 29.581 sec [for one full oscillation] after the end of the eclipse, whereas in the morning [4:00 AM EST] they had started at about 29.570 sec, an appreciable difference inasmuch as the ["full period"] times can be read to 0.00001 sec and are significant to about 0.0001 sec. The precision of the quartz-crystal-controlled oscillator in the Beckman EPUT (events per unit time) counter is one part in '10 to the exponent 8' ...."



As with Allais' first startling observations of his eclipse, sixteen years earlier, Saxl and Allen also noted "peculiar waves" in the torsion pendulum's behavior ... seen well before the eclipse had even begun locally in the Boston area (above - bottom left) ....

They wrote:

"... the irregularities occurring before the start of the eclipse might be considered accidental, except that data taken two weeks later at the same hour of the day (dashed green curve - above) show corresponding humps -- an indication, by the way, that the observations are reproducible. These maxima and minima may indicate a kind of gravitational [sic] fine structure which is reproducible even when the positions of the sun and moon relative to the earth are quite different. This apparent wavelike structure has been observed over the course of many years at our Harvard laboratory. It cannot be predicted on the basis of classical gravitational theory nor has it been observed in the quasistationary experiments underlying this theory (e.g., spring-operated gravimeters, seismographs, and interferometer devices) ... [emphasis added] ...."

Saxl and Allen went on to note that to explain these remarkable eclipse observations, according to "conventional Newtonian/Einsteinian gravitational theory," an increase in the weight of the pendumum bob itself on the order of ~5% would be required ... amounting to (for the ~51.5-lb pendulum bob in the experiment) an increase of ~2.64 lbs!

This would be on the order of one hundred thousand (100,000) times greater than any possible "gravitational tidal effects" Saxl and Allen calculated (using Newtonian Gravitational Theory/ Relativity Theory) for even the 180-degree, "opposite" alignment of the sun and moon ... which, as previously noted, was also directly measured via the torsion pendulum (dasned green line - above) two weeks after the March 7 eclipse!

The two scientists then observed:

"... It is further to be noted that the greatest change [in the torsion pendulum oscillation period] occurs between the [local] onset of the eclipse and its midpoint [below - right]. This agrees qualitatively with Allais with a paraconical pendulum, where the change of azimuth increased substantially in the first half of the eclipse of 30 June 1954 [below - left]. Both these effects would seem to have a gravitational basis [sic] which cannot be explained by accepted classical theory [emphasis added] ...."



Saxl and Allen concluded:

"... Quantitative observations made with a precise torsion pendulum show, in agreement with many earlier, less precise recordings made at Harvard since 1953, that the times required to traverse a fixed fraction of its total angular path [of a 360-degree full rotation] vary markedly during the hours before the eclipse and during its first half, i.e. up to its midpoint. Also the significant changes in these times do not coincide exactly with the astronomically determined onset, midpoint, and endpoint of the eclipse.

"These variations are too great to be explained on the basis of classical gravitational theory, by the relative changes in position of the moon with respect to the earth and sun. This leads to the same conclusion arrived at by Allais -- that classic gravitational theory needs to be modified to interpret his (and our) experimental results [emphasis added] ...."

Two decades after Allais’ pioneering pendulum discoveries, and about four years after the equally remarkable Sax-Allen torsion pendulum confirmations reported above, another "out-of-the-box" physicist whose work we have been carefully following for decades -- our now departed friend and colleague, MIT physicist Bruce DePalma (below) – began conducting an equally landmark series of similar experiments ... in rotation -- also beginning with pendulums, in the mid-1970’s.

But, unlike Allais,’ whose weight on the end of his pendulum rod was stationary, DePalma's bobs were deliberately ROTATED -- as they also swung to and fro ….



To his amazement, DePalma’s rotating pendulums immediately exhibited very DIFFERENT swinging characteristics … compared to his (and Allais') pendulums with non-rotating bobs.

Again, NOTHING in Newtonian mechanics, Relativity, et al. could account theoretically for such astonishing dynamical behavior ….

Reading about DePalma's truly remarkable results (long before we began to actively collaborate) was the beginning of our own realization (still unknowing of the remarkably convergent Saxl-Allen torsion pendulum data - above) that “HD/Torsion Field Physics” (from “torque” … “spin”) required some form of basic “rotation” … before it would reveal its deepest secrets – likely, the primary reason why such extraordinary anomalous effects had escaped generations of previous experimental physicists; they, basically because of engineering and technological limitations, had chosen to conduct the overwhelming majority of early mechanical experiments – testing Newton’s Laws, and various gravitational predictions on a laboratory scale -- on non-rotating models ….

Because -- as Allais,’ Saxl and DePalma each painfully discovered, independently – it was EXTRAORDINARILY difficult to achieve consistent (“reproducible”) scientific precision … in any rotating mechanical system -- attempting to measure such easily overwhelmed (by surface irregularities in the pendulum support, surface friction, temperature imbalances, etc., etc.) far more subtle, non-mechanical “spatial forces” ….

As I’ve written elsewhere, DePalma slowly realized from his own pendulum experiments that a) something fundamentally “different” was going on with his “rotating pendulum bobs” … compared to the non-rotating versions; and b) that “difference” might be, in fact, due to the (somehow) literally changing of the physical inertia of his rotating mechanical systems ….

It was at this point that Bruce DePalma brilliantly conceived of using an “Accutron" wrist watch (newly-introduced by Bulova, just years before, as “the first new thing in timekeeping in 300 years …”) as a unique "scientific instrument" in his continuing rotational experiments (below).




To (inexpensively) test his radical “inertia-changing” rotational hypothesis, DePalma focused on the unique mechanical properties of this newly commercially-available “space age” wrist watch; based on “a totally new principle in commercial time-keeping [as advertised by Bulova - below]" – a miniaturized tuning fork, vibrating at 360 cycles per second (hertz) inside the watch, powered by a tiny mercury battery (which also governed a “transistorized feedback circuit” to counter the effects of “mechanical shocks”) – the Accutron proved to be the ideal “off-the-shelf” sensor for DePalma’s on-going efforts to understand the true nature of the mind-blowing “inertia-changing properties” of simply rotating an object!




Key to this instrumentation breakthrough was DePalma’s understanding that, the Accutron’s tuning fork constituted another “rotating object” (below) – as the back and forth mechanical motion of the fork neatly mimicked a portion of a pendulum’s much larger (also “rotational”) swing during his earlier experiments ….




To carry out his tests (in the days before affordable digital readout systems for non-governmental projects were readily -- and inexpensively! – available), DePalma simply glued an Accutron “Spaceview” to the face of a grid-driven “Westclock” (below)! He then synchronized the second hands of both time pieces, and placed the combo in close proximity to a specially-designed, rapidly rotating mechanical system (a ~30-lb steel/aluminum disc, spun at ~8000 RPM).



Based on his previous “anomalous pendulum experiments,” DePalma theorized that mere “rotation of mass” (somehow) produces “an anomalous space-field” around it (which, with his quirky sense of humor, he decided to call “the OD field”) -- capable of fundamentally altering (and interacting with …) the inertia of other rotating objects.

DePalma therefore reasoned that the “anomalous effects” of this “OD field” should significantly alter the inertia (and thus, the frequency) of the tiny, vibrating tuning fork INSIDE the Accutron—

When the disc was spinning ….

Making (he hoped) the entire Accutron run visibly (via the synchronized second hands) faster … or slower, when directly compared with the grid-powered Westclock to which it was attached!

Again, the “secret” here – in comparing Allais’ pendulum results with those of Bruce Depalma (and, his planned Accutron experiment) – is that even a “non-rotating” pendulum (or vibrating tuning fork) is, in fact, a system in inertial rotation!; DePalma’s attachment of a “spinning bob” to his pendulums merely amplified their innate, originally much weaker interactions with the “OD field” … by orders of magnitude … more than Allais’ own, earlier, non-rotating pendulum observations!

The vibrating tuning fork inside the Accutron, DePalma reasoned, should be even MORE responsive,

This, in turn, was why Allais’ much shorter (faster swinging) “paraconical pendulums” quickly revealed their exotic “non-Newtonian behavior” … that the much longer-length (and thus, much slower swinging) “Foucault Pendulums” had NOT; the key was the lower “angular momentum” possessed by Allais’ (more responsive) pendulums … compared to those of Foucault’s original design!

After placing the Accutron/Westclock combination directly over one of the “poles” of the high-speed spinning disc, and after shielding the timepieces from any possible “magnetic or electrical interference" (with a special layer of “co-netic foil” – see diagram), when DePalma fired up his ingenuous” Accutron experiment,” lo and behold–

After only 17 minutes (1000 seconds …), the Accutron--

LOST almost … one full second!


For such a revolutionary “space age” watch technology, being presented in Bulova ads all over as “guaranteed for one full year not to gain or lose more than two seconds a day …” [emphasis added]—

This staggering loss of “time” – and, in mere minutes – merely in the presence of “a simple, spinning flywheel” – and, at a rate exceeding up to 850 percent Accutron’s much-touted accuracy! -- not only resoundingly confirmed DePalma’s basic premise [that a “rotating mass could change (somehow) the inertia of the tuning fork inside the Accutron], it confirmed that simple rotation of any object could change the inertial properties of any other rotating object … certainly in its immediate proximity!

This confirmation now gave DePalma a reliable means to “map the ‘OD field’” around any rotating mass.

By experimenting further, DePalma quickly learned that placing the Accutron above either “pole” of a rotating object … INCREASED the inertia of the tuning fork – resulting in a dramatic slowdown of the watch; placing the Accutron alongside the “equator” of the same rotating disc, by contrast, resulted in a dramatic decrease in the tuning fork inertia ... and a resulting dramatic “gain of time.”

Clearly, the “OD field” surrounding something in rotation was a) NOT symmetrical, and b) not even of the same “sign” … from point to point around the spinning disc.

This bizarre “asymmetrical OD field spatial geometry” was also clearly NOT shared by any of science’s well-established other force “fields”:

Magnetism … electrostatics … gravitation--

Which are all spherically symmetric -- and decrease in intensity (measureable force …) “inversely with the square of distance” … regardless of the direction from which the field intensity is being measured.

Compared to these, DePalma’s highly geometric “OD field” REALLY was … completely “odd.”

Allais, two decades earlier, had independently realized that his “anisotropy of space” -- like DePalma’s “OD field” -- also ONLY seemed detectable via interaction with other systems in rotation (in his case, the swinging pendulum itself – see above); further decades later, in his 1999 "Memo to NASA" -- providing new experimental details on his results, and instructions to all those who would attempt to verify his findings during the then much-hyped “NASA measurements” of the upcoming “1999 Total Solar Eclipse over Europe” -- Allais warned NASA scientists that—

“These [anomalous eclipse] effects can only be observed when the pendulum is moving ….”

This, of course, now instantly explains why most investigators across the years -- seeking to confirm the “Allais Effect” with static-based “gravimeters,” during a score of later solar eclipses taking place all over the world – have generally FAILED; they have (almost to a man …), demonstrably NOT heeded the first principle of “scientific replication”:

Duplicate ALL the parameters of the original researcher’s “anomalous experiment!”



By ASSUMING that the “Allais Effect” was (somehow) based on “changes to Earth’s gravity” during an eclipse, these would-be pioneers totally missed the Real “message” of Allais' experiment!

They, over and over again (uselessly!), repeatedly tried to replicate Allais’ startling observations with simple, standard, static-spring gravimeters; in fact, this “new physics” strikes at the heart of the so-called “Einstein Equivalence Principle” … supposedly existing between “mass” (gravity) and “inertia” (resistance to motion) ever since Relativity was published ... revealing now that a rotating object’s “inertia” can be dramatically changed, just by being placed it in the vicinity of another rotating mass!

Based on these stunning results, it was clear to us many years ago that DePalma and Allais (and, when we learned about their remarkable third confirmation, Saxl and Allen) each, independently, consecutively, had serendipitously stumbled across the same fundamental hallmark of what is now known generally as--

Torsion Field Physics ….

The “impossible” (by all current science) … rotational modification … of “inertially-measured” mass!

As we have reported extensively before (Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA, Chapter II), work on “torsion fields” is NOT even a "new" development.

It actually all began with the classic "Einstein-Cartan" theoretical exploration of "static torsion" equations, in 1913; initially predicted to be SO weak, that it would have ZERO effect in the “real” world, later physicists discovered a crucial “flaw” in one of Carten’s mathematical assumptions vis a vis Relativity, changing the negative"Carten-Einstein predictions of “NON-observable torsion field effects ...” – upwards ... by some “twenty two orders of magnitude!”—

While, at the same time, the new calculations revealing that “torsion waves” could also propagate (unlike the “static torsion” of Carten’s original calculations) far from their original rotating sources … spiraling (hence the term “torsion” ... ) through “space-time” (the “aether”), at potentially--

Billions of times the speed of light!



Enter “Nikolai Aleksandrovich Kozyrev.”

Just after WWII, a brilliant Russian astrophysicist, N.A. Kozyrev -- newly-released from Stalin’s Gulag -- began in the old Soviet Union his first experimental investigations into what he eventually would term "POSSIBILITY OF EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF [THE] PROPERTIES OF TIME"; in fact, though Kozyrev didn’t seem to realize it while he was conducting his experiments, his own diverse and highly anomalous mechanical and electrical experimental results, carried out over more than 30 years, confirmed many of the most extraordinary theoretical predictions associated with “interacting, propagating torsion fields ….”

Over many succeeding decades, from a variety of physicists around the world, these same “anomalous phenomena” have now been independently rediscovered many, many additional times; decades after Kozyrev, Allias and DePalma carried out their historic rotational experiments -- a Russian theoretical physicist, Dr. Gennady Shipov, following on the wide-ranging experimental work of Kozyrev himself, wrote:

“… in the science of mechanics, Torsion Fields prove -- through [their propagating] fields of inertia -- that the phenomenon of inertia is more fundamental than even the gravitational phenomena [emphasis added] ….”




Someone -- finally, fully -- “got it!”

Which brings us back to the “window” for unique research presenting itself here, in Albuquerque, on May 20th; the remarkable opportunity to measure, first-hand -- with our own Enterprise Mission significantly modified Accutron technology -- the far-reaching, changing “torsion field effects” of the upcoming May 20, 2012 annular solar eclipse.





Based on our in-depth study of DePalma’s stunningly positive, decades-old Accutron results, since 2003 we have taken this “off-the-shelf, torsion-measuring technology” literally around the world [in part, with the help of a MAJOR television network (NBC)], to a variety of “ancient sacred sites” (as on the summits of the Pyramid of the Sun and Pyramid of the Moon, at Teotihuacan, Mexico - below), as well as to two “key celestial occultation [alignment] events” ….




Given the “digital revolution” that has overtaken all of us since Bruce DePalma carried out his original crude “analog” Accutron experiments ~40 years ago, we have, of course, been able to make a few “upgrades” to how the tuning fork motions are permanently recorded; a read-out (from a sensor “pick-up” underneath the watch) is now sampled digitally, and a special computer program written for Accutron watch repairers (to monitor the frequency performance of the tuning fork during routine maintenance), is used to sample and display – in real time – the moment-to-moment “frequency drift” of the tuning fork itself.

These electrical signals are fed, via a shielded cable … into a specially-designed “crystal reference comparator box” (watch timer) containing a quartz-crystal frequency standard, vibrating at several million times per second, thus allowing “millionths of a hertz” frequency resolution of the Accutron tuning fork’s basic “360 hertz” vibration.

From this “frequency comparator box,” the now combined electrical signals are fed to a laptop or desktop computer, via another shielded cable -- where the specially-written computer program records the frequency information coming from the Accutron, while simultaneously displaying the real-time tuning fork read-outs on the screen.

A schematic of this digitized Enterprise Accutron “torsion measuring instrumentation” is displayed here (below).




When used in an actual field setting by Enterprise -- to measure changes in the “background torsion field” in the vicinity of (and even on!) several Old and New World “sacred sites” (including, Mayan Pyramids at Teotihuacan and Tikal) – the updated Accutron “Hyperdimensional/Torsion Field sensing technology” performed exactly as DePalma’s pioneering measurements proved it did … ~40 years before!

Digital Accutron readings taken atop the “Pyramid of the Sun,” at Teotihuacan, Mexico (below) – recorded precisely at Dawn, in April, 2009 – demonstrated huge “excursions” in the Accutron tuning fork frequency modulation—

Corresponding EXACTLY to our predicted model:

That, at every sunrise, the Sun -- “poised on the edge of the world … ‘Horus of the Horizon’ …” – as the Earth is rotating directly towards it at maximum velocity, should produce a MAJOR inertial “hiccup” in the background torsion field … for all rotating objects at the “terminator”… if just for a few seconds.

And, it does.




Before Enterprise conducted its readings with this unique “HD/Torsion Field measurement technology” at selected global sacred sites (above), it had an earlier opportunity to try out its new torsion field detection system on an actual, live (and very rare …) Celestial Alignment Event – ala “Maurice Allais”:

The Venus Transit of June 8, 2004.

Venus (second planet from the Sun …) and Earth (the third) orbit at a slight inclination to each other’s paths (3.39 degrees); this small tilt causes Venus to pass just “above” or “below” the Sun at almost every “inferior conjunction” (when Venus is geometrically between the Sun and Earth - below).




However, there are two rare intervals -- separated by eight years, and occurring at average intervals of ~113 years apart -- when the two planets’ orbits synchronize simultaneously at one of the two “nodes” (where the planes of Venus and Earth’s orbits cross - above) … and Venus can then appear as “a small black dot” … moving, over several hours, across the brilliant background surface of the Sun (below).

This is what is called a “transit.”

The first Venus Transit, in this century, occurred in 2004; the next (and last) will occur in mid-2012 ....




During the 2004 Venus Transit, we were able to place our Accutron detector inside a mysterious, “~1000-ton limestone monument" (located south of Miami at "Homestead," in Southern Florida) -- a fascinating place called “Coral Castle” (below). Constructed in the 1950’s by one man – Ed Leedskalnin – the Latvian immigrant stone mason claimed to have built it single-handedly, “on the secret knowledge of those who built the Pyramids of Egypt …”).




We chose Coral Castle for our first Accutron “torsion field-test,” because a) we couldn’t AFFORD to go to Egypt to measure the Physics of the Transit at the actual Pyramids (!), and b) the material which Leedskalnin used to build his “ enigmatic ~1000-ton monument” – oolitic limestone, found as a “bedrock” under most of Florida – in fact, possesses “torsion amplification properties” very similar (we believed …) to the much larger limestone blocks from which the Great Pyramid (and the others) in Egypt is also composed ….

“Calcium carbonate” – the major mineral component making up "limestone," both in Florida and at Giza -- is (based on Kozyrev’s results) a very active “torsion material.”

The Enterprise Accutron data (below) -- recorded during the hours-long Venus Transit of 2004 -- confirmed ALL these previous predictions.




This graph (above) depicts the last ~90 minutes of the 2004 Transit (and its “interesting” aftermath” …); it specifically covers the moment of “third contact” – when Venus’ limb first touched the limb of the Sun, as the Earth-sized planet was ending its hours-long, preceding Transit across the surface of the Sun, as seen from Earth ….

What’s staggering about this graph is the sudden “falling off the cliff” the Accutron tuning fork displays – EXACTLY, as Venus’ limb makes third contact with the solar limb; at that precise moment, the tuning fork goes WILD … rising immediately and dramatically in frequency (the software plots “rising frequencies,” on this display, as “down”) -- meaning, that the tuning fork’s inertia is suddenly (somehow) decreasing (so it’s vibrating faster) … PRECISELY as the two limbs “kiss,” Venus and Sun.

This is telling us something … physically … PROFOUND ....

Not only regarding the nature and response of this extraordinary “torsion tool” that my friend Bruce DePalma left behind ~40 years ago, but of the intense “torsion process” itself … a deep, hitherto unseen variety of physical field interaction between the Earth … Venus … and the Sun.

A detailed close-up of the end of Venus’ 2004 Transit is even more revealing ….

This (below) is a RedShift simulation of the exact moment of third contact; note where Venus spin axis is pointing ... relative to the spin axis of the Sun (the latter 90 degrees to the faint latitude lines across the solar surface) ....




As Venus progresses from “third contact” through the “fourth” (last image, below - Venus externally tangent with the solar limb …), the Accutron fork simultaneously progresses through a series of sharp, harmonically decreasing “tones” (remember, higher vuibratory rates are displayed “down” in this software) – the “torsion spikes” shifting progressively to lower and lower frequencies … as Venus slowly moves off the Sun.

There is real new Science here!

Hidden in this data are priceless new details of how Venus’ backwards rotation (in 243 Earth days), compared to the Sun’s prograde spin (in ~27 days), are deeply interacting … at a fundamental torsion level.

And, how the intersection of the two spin axes -- Venus' and the Sun (which were essentially parallel during this entire Transit) -- seem to play a key role in modulating (somehow ...) these rapidly changing "torsion harmonics" ... as the Venus Transit (remember, with Venus rotating backwards, relative to the sun's spin) physically comes to an end ....

Like “stirring cream backwards … in a solar system 'coffee cup.'”

Rotation ... rotation ... rotation ....




These Enterprise Accutron results, painstakingly recorded in 2004, now overwhelmingly confirm--

We DO live in a Hyperdimensional Solar System … with ALL those attendant implications.


The extraordinary concept of a Physics-based, actual "Hyperdimensional astrology" ... involving the relative positions of the planets and the Sun, and their real, measureable torsion effects (above) on a variety of phenomenon on Earth, including--

Life itself.

What new aspects of these fundamental -- if still essentially unknown – interplanetary forces will we discover next … during our coming “torsion Eclipse opportunity?”--

May 20, 2012.




In a more ways than one, the North American Solar Eclipse, occurring in the next few days, is the perfect "dress rehearsal" for the potentially even more revealing "Last Venus Transit of the 21st Century" ... to follow just two weeks after that; as can be seen (below), the Solar Eclipse (this time) is but a geometrically magnified version of the coming Transit!--

Allowing a unique probing -- with our Enterprise Accutron technology -- of the same, underlying, baffling torsion phenomenon ... exemplified in both.


Stay tuned.






* * *






Enterprise HD/Torsion Physics Observations of the Upcoming May 20th Solar Eclipse … and June 6th Venus Transit


It should now be clear:

The Enterprise Mission -- in terms of the two major, premiere “celestial events of 2012” -- is singularly equipped to conduct ground-breaking scientific observations of their most fundamental properties – using a unique “HD/torsion technology,” capable of recording dimensions of both phenomenon literally unavailable to researchers in any other way.

Because of the necessity to complete fundraising for our critical, follow-on HD/torsion observations of the Last Venus Transit, occurring just two weeks after the May 20th Eclipse (on June 6th) – this time, from the Giza Plateau (using the Pyramids as we originally envisioned, testing their potentials as DELIBERATE “ancient torsion amplifiers”) – it occurred to us that the significant Enterprise constituency might be willing to help us achieve this larger Goal, via the Eclipse.





Millions of folks have demonstrably been following our research work … for decades -- on “Coast to Coast AM,” through The Enterprise Mission website, on various national and international television Specials, and (recently) on Facebook; what if, we wondered, we could offer all these audiences a way to participate -- in real time -- in our continuing investigative efforts, as well as a means of supporting our on-going research into a potential “lost, high-tech Ancient Global Civilization …” via our upcoming, vital “Egyptian Venus Transit Expedition”—

With a LIVE, subscription webcast of our May 20th “lunar/solar torsion measurements” – with their unique (and therefore, totally unpredictable – in terms of torsion readings) – annular eclipse geometry… accompanied by a minute-by-minute, illustrated commentary?--

During the Eclipse experience!

The clearly revolutionary nature of these fundamental measurements – throwing both Newton AND Einstein “in the ash can of history,” simultaneously … through the changed vibrations of a simple tuning fork – cannot be overstated; to PROVE, via the dramatically changing Accutron readings, that “mass” and “inertia” are NOT “equivalent” (which has been the cornerstone of modern Physics for the last ~100 years), is totally “paradigm changing” ... for every level of society.

As part of this Enterprise "torsion physics democratization effort," it also occurred to us that a network of observers -- each simultaneously recording their own Accutron measurements from diverse geographical locations along the Eclipse path -- would bolster the overall scientific results in way that no single set of observations could; so far, we have lined up two additional, widely-separated "Accutron Eclipse observing stations" (in addition to our own Enterprise Mission measurements on the central eclipse track, in Albuquerque, for the May 20th Event - marked with our logo, below) ; one station is located well to the north of the eclipse track, in Chicago, Illinois (marked with a yellow "crescent sun" at the bottom of Lake Michigan); the other, to the south of the track, in Phoenix, Arizona (marked by another yellow "cresecent sun").

The Chicago Accutron obervations will be conducted by one of our Enterprise Associates, IT specialist Kimberly Reck; the Phoenix data will be collected by an electrical engineer, Bill Alek, long-time colleague (Bill assembled our first "Accutron Torsion Detector," in 2003) and Chief Director and President of PROGRESSIVE TECH CENTER, INC.




In Chicago, in addition to measuring the "lunar/solar alignment torsion effects" at the earliest stages of the eclipse (and, well north geographically of the other stations in this growing "network"), the maximum solar obscuration by the Moon in Chicago will occur well after local sunset (!) -- thus, allowing unique Accutron measurements of possible "secondary torsion effects" -- from an indirect resonance with the Earth torsion field itself!

The Phoenix station, by contrast, will "see" the entire geometric progression of this eclipse, well-placed in the sky above the local horizon for the duration of the Event -- from its beginning, through the mid-point, to the end. However, Phoenix will not experience the "full, central annular event" we will record at Enterprise, in Albuquerque; this will allow for an important test in Phoenix of the geometric effects curiously noted previously by other eclipse observers (Allais, Saxl & Allen - above) -- which have all observed curious "mis-timings" of key pendulum events, NOT correlated with the optical "beginning," middle" and "end" of their respective eclipses ....

And, during our conversations with Kim about data procedures for her "Chicago station," she brought up another VERY interesting point:

"What," she asked, "do you suppose the Torsion Effect will be on the massive electrical generators for the Grid -- situated under or close to the eclipse track itself -- given that they're major, mechanical spinning systems ...?"

It is an exquisite question ... one that we have been wondering about (literally) for years.

A careful exmination of the May 20th eclipse track (below), reveals that the path of "annularity" will pass very close (~96%) to the largest collection of "spinning generators" in the Great American Southwest--




The well-known, Depression Era power-generating "eighth wonder of the world" facility, lying just east of Las Vegas, Nevada (above)--

Hoover Dam!




At the base of this 726-foot high Dam (the height of a 60-story skyscraper), inside the two separate 650-foot long, 245-foot high powerhouses -- the "Nevada" side (left) and the "Arizona" side (right) -- sit seventeen (17), 2000-ton electrical generators (each one weighing as much as four and a half Boeing-400 747s!) -- and each spinning at 90 revolutions/minute, collectively generating a shade over 2000 megawatts (below)!


All those massive, spinning systems ....

Over the years, as our investigation turned up more and more evidence that (in the words of Allais) "the ... [eclipse] effects observed ... are of dynamic origin, not static as for the deviation of the vertical or of the intensity of gravity [emphasis added] ...."--

It became clear that "rotating systems" were essential to not only generating torsion waves ... but to detecting them as well!

Thus, given DePalma's astonishing results with his "30-lb spinning flywheel and the Accutron," it has always been one of our objectives to someday measure the "torsion effects" of the massive, rotating turbines and electrical generators ... at the base of Hoover Dam!

Kim's perceptive question, and this eclipse, neatly reminded us of our long-standing intentions.

So, what should we expect to see ... if the critical alignment of the Moon and Sun during this eclipse -- almost EXACTLY over Hoover Dam itself (in the late afternoon of May 20th) -- does, indeed, significantly affect those extraordinary spinning turbine-generator combinations?

The easiest way to measure any such effects would be to monitor the frequency of the alternating (AC) current flowing from those generators into the rest of the Southwest Electrical Grid; that "line frequency" -- established by Nicoli Tesla himself over 100 years ago, at 60 hertz (60 cycles per second), could show a detectable deviation across the entire Southwest Grid of several hertz (!), and for tens of seconds, before the computer-run "feedback systems" established to maintain the grid frequency constant, were able to correct the massive, spinning generators' rotation -- with all their combined angular momentun -- back to their crucial "standard 60 hertz!"

So, how can folks reading this Update participate in looking for these fascianting "torsion effects" on those crucial electrical generators?:

By monitoring the "line frequency" of the alternating electrical current entering their individual homes and apartments from the Grid!; using an "off-the-shelf, digital frequency monitor"-- which can be picked up at many local electrical supply outlets, from "Best Buy" to "Radio Shack!"

Some of those that are commercially available, in addition to an LCD screen showing the instantaneous display of the frequency of the online current (once the device is connected through a conventient wall outlet to the Grid) even have their own digital read-out ports -- allowing direct connection to a PC, where the data can be ditigally monitored in the computer and stored for later analysis (and, e-mailing to Enterprise!).

Curiously, the best time to look for such revealing, potentially detectable frequency changes to the Grid (which, incidentally, can be done hundreds of miles from Hoover Dam itself!), might not be during the local height of the eclipse over Hoover Dam itself. but earlier; because of the critical geometric nature of the lunar/solar alignment effects in creating the torsion weaves observed during the eclipse, rotating systems located (literally!) on the other side of the planet from where the eclipse is optically visible, can experience a detectable change in their own local frequency of rotation/vibration!




Because of the highly geometric nature of torsion wave generation and propagation, it is also possible that detectable effects of spinning systems could be observed at 90-degrees to the eclipse path!

This is why (ultimately) a world-wide grid of "Accutron Torsion Detection Stations" -- for global monitoring of the effects of such eclipses (and other "celestial alignment events") -- needs to be established ....

For this occassion, as the eclipse begins over the south China coast at 22:09 Universal Time (GMT), with the Moon's shadow just touching the planet's surface at a tangent, at Dawn, other potential observing locations -- on the other side of the world, but
along that same eclipse track -- COULD be detectably affected ... even though the optical eclipse is occurring at that moment on the "far side" of the planet!

As can be seen in the Northern Hemisphere "polar projection" map (below), this includes a huge swath of Asia and Africa; on those continents, directly opposite the actual eclipse as the day progresses, an active Accutron detection system could record some remarkable results from THIS eclipse, if any were inplace; in addition, their "grid frequencies" could be affected ... as the torsion geometry THROUGH the planet affected the rotating electrical generators supplying their local power off the grid ....

For us, located in New Mexico (below), observing any "90-degree effects" (BEFORE the local eclipse arrives) seems doubtful, based on this eclipse geometry ... but, we'll be recording anyway.





* * *




Pursuit of the staggering technological implications of these simple torsion measurements -- for REAL “free energy” … for REAL “anti-gravity” … for REAL “civilian inheritance of the riches of an entire solar system …” – are only outdone by the even more astonishing human implications of developmentment and world-side distribution of these "HD/torsion technologies" ... ranging from literal torsion “elimination of disease” … to “total clean-up of the environment of our entire planet” (including, currently insoluble "nuclear nightmares -- like Chernobyl and Fukushima!)--

To radical, non-chemical “upgrades” to human consciousness itself!

All hinging on the demonstrable “scientific anomalies” -- and their extended, revolutionary implications -- we will be recording (for later presentation) during the May 20th Eclipse … and the soon-to-follow, “Last Venus Transit of the 21st Century,” June 6th ….

Clearly, the earlier Venus Event that we were fortunate to observe at Coral Castle, in 2004, provided us with a priceless preview of the stunning “physics anomalies” we can expect to share this time with all those who have been edified by our unique research for all these decades … now, coming to a fitting “climax” in these remarkable Astronomical Events of 2012 ….

As noted earlier, the implications of “a fundamentally new understanding of our ‘ultimate’ cosmic reality” knows no bounds … for changing human beings on this planet … if not as a means of physically "saving" planet Earth itself.

The only impediment now standing in the way of this crucial, “world-wide consciousness and technological revolution” ... is the democratized awareness—

That all of this is now scientifically -- if not politically -- within our reach ….