An Expedition into Ancient Mayan Torsion Science during the Grand Galactic Alignment of 2012

By Richard C. Hoagland
© 2012 The Enterprise Mission


Have you ever wondered about the "magic" surrounding discussions of ancient sacred sites?

Have you ever wanted to feel first-hand that intensified awareness and charged sensation so many of us have experienced when we finally have the opportunity to stand on these “timeless sacred grounds?”  

And, have you ever secretly worried that it was “all in your head?”

Or -- is there a real, measurable “lost science” behind all those remarkable sensations and reports?
Now you can participate in your own “Grand Mayan Experiment for 2012” – at one of the world’s most famous ancient Mayan sites, Chichen Itza – to actually find out ….

By scientifically measuring what others say they have been feeling—

And, seeing the results first-hand … as you are feeling them yourself!

This 21st Century rediscovery of “lost ancient Mayan science” began with “the first Venus Transit, in 2004” -- where Richard C. Hoagland, head of the Enterprise Mission, conducted his first “torsion field measurements” at Coral Castle, reported live from S. Florida on “Coast to Coast AM.”  For the first time in public that pre-dawn, Richard shared with millions in the “Coast” audience the unique “torsion technology and software” he was using to measure the same “aetheric/torsion field energies” Hoagland theorized were the basis of the secret knowledge the ancient Mayans already knew about … and used … over a thousand years before.

Not only incorporating its life-changing “celestial alignment secrets” in their infamous Long Count Calendar … but in the massive, mysterious pyramidal architecture that is the centerpiece of all their “ancient sacred sites!”

Hoagland’s journey of discovery of “what the Mayans really knew” continued, in 2009, at Teotihuacan, Mexico, and at Tikal, Guatemala -- where he was finally able to numerically, redundantly, confirm for the first time the “highly-active torsion field amplification” going on amid the striking pyramids that are the hallmarks of these well-known ancient Mayan sites.

In the words of his Tikal Mayan guide, Francisco Florian “seeing these measurements on the computer screen finally made real for me all the stories of these energizing, sacred places that I’ve been told about my entire life, from my own people ….”

With his Mayan guide watching almost unbelievingly, Richard repeatedly demonstrated the existence of a major torsion field, surrounding not only the imposing pyramids built all across Tikal, but especially, the energies focused on the courtyard in between (above) -- where the Elders annually commanded Mayan farming peasants to bring their harvest grains and seeds, for “exposure” in the center of Tikal; those crops, after this annual “fertility festival,” consistently bore greater yields, according to Florian, than those seeds NOT brought to the center of Tikal … just by being placed for several days between the pyramids.

Hoagland’s historic torsion field measurements have finally demonstrated “why.”

These were the same ancient Mayan Elders, living in exclusive and restricted “royal apartment complexes” immediately adjacent to this Sacred Courtyard and its flanking pyramids, whose years were almost double that of the ordinary Mayan farmers living miles away, yet eating the same foods … but dying decades sooner!

Simply because, according to this data—

The long-lived Mayan Elders lived all their royal lives immediately adjacent to this courtyard – “energized” as it was by the massive pyramids “standing guard” in the center of Tikal ….

This startling Enterprise research into “the lost science that underlies the entire ancient Mayan mythos” – including, the many predictions of 2012 based on the highly controversial Calendar itself – were profiled, in 2009, in the NBC/ SyFy Special “2012, Startling New Secrets,” subsequently re-broadcast many times around the world and viewed by millions.

Earlier this year, Richard was on the summit of the Sandia Mountains, almost 12,000' ft above the Rio Grande Valley in New Mexico, documenting once again via additional torsion measurements the major physics implications behind the Mayan Calendar:

The measurable “torsion impact” of solar eclipses on our planet ….

Representing the “ultimate celestial alignment” in the solar system, as seen from Earth, the historic solar eclipse measurements Richard recorded on May 20th, confirmed stunning “major torsion effects” … occurring directly as a result of the rare “annular” alignment of the Sun and Moon (below) ….

Richard’s measurements also confirmed “why” what ancient peoples have insisted for millennia – that mountains are “sacred” -- because of “special energies” around them -- turns out now to be scientifically, measurably true—

Mountains, like the Sandias – topped by thousands of feet of ancient limestone -- by their very “geometry and composition,” massively amplify the background “torsion field”… which is what makes them the ultimate of “sacred places” ….

Which limestone pyramids … as miniature “sacred mountains” … also have been carefully designed to do!


*      *     *


Come with us, then, on “the expedition of a lifetime” – a unique expedition into “Ancient Mayan Torsion Science” … during our “Grand Galactic Alignment Cruise of 2012” ….

Mr. Hoagland, leading an “Away Team” of expedition members from the ship the morning of December 19, 2012 – the celestial “window” when the Sun aligns closest to the Center of the Galaxy for the next ~26,000 years – with the assistance of Away Team members, will carry out extensive torsion measurements of the fabled “Pyramid of Kukulkan” at Chichen Itza, during this literally once-in-a-lifetime Milky Way Alignment.

One of the first goals of these unique scientific measurements will be to explore the capability of the Pyramid of Kukulkan to amplify existing “torsion energies” – the background “aetheric field” of space itself; because of the physical location of Chichen Itza – 20.67 degrees north, 88.6 degrees west – extremely close to a physically significant latitude in “torsion physics,’ 19.5 degrees, that Enterprise research has identified as extraordinarily significant in terms of “tapping into the torsion energies of Earth itself,” Enterprise expedition measurements of the Kukulkan Pyramid may reveal unique “torsion signatures and modulations” due to this crucial geodetic placement. 

Further, located ~120 degrees (and thousands of miles) west of the Great Pyramid, in Egypt, this also pivitol Kukulkan location allows further testing of a remarkable additional idea -- that “all ancient sites are ultimately connected … ‘communicating with each other’ through the torsion field of Earth itself.”

Another goal of our “Galactic Alignment Expedition to Chichen Itza” will be to measure the effects of focused meditation on the existing torsion field surrounding the Kukulkan Pyramid … before and during the planned meditation efforts of a parallel Chichen Itza shore excursion, led by venerated Mayan elder, spiritual leader, Daykeeper and teacher of traditional Mayan wisdom, Hunbatz Men; this will represent a unique opportunity for all Away Team members to explore with scientific instruments the effects of human consciousness on the underlying “creative torsion field” … as amplified by a highly venerated ancient Mayan sacred site … and, at a unique moment in the current troubled history of Earth.

Finally, this Enterprise Chichen Itza expedition will be in a unique position to measure -- and perhaps to answer – an exciting “modern mystery” about the Kukulkan Pyramid, that first arose in 2009.

Remarkably, during a local thunderstorm one afternoon, as another group of tourists were visiting, the Pyramid of Kukulkan suddenly produced a “beam” of visible energy -- projected vertically as far as the eye could see … perhaps into outer space itself!; one family, visiting the pyramid from Costa Rica, just by chance captured this extraordinary event on camera ….

Later, as they and the other tourists left the pyramid by tour bus, the family passed their camera around ... and dozens of their fellow tourists saw the striking images within minutes of the remarkable event itself, thus ruling out anything as “trivial” as a hoax.

Was this extraordinary emission of visible, “collimated” energy -- apparently coming from within the Pyramid of Kukulkan -- triggered by the sharply changing electric fields of the local thunderstorms that afternoon?; did those massive electrical energies “awaken” some kind of “ancient torsion technology” … deliberately buried for centuries underneath the Pyramid … causing it to emit such a beam in direct response to such an outside stimulus …?


Was this spectacular emission some kind of deliberate, “timed event” -- part of a long-designed “torsion awakening” of the Kuklukan Pyramid as 2012 approached ... some kind of “torsion beacon” for those somewhere out there … in the Galaxy … “who have been waiting …”--

A 2012 “extraordinary climax” for the inhabitants of Planet Earth?

Come with us … and find out.



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